Searching techniques in databases

In searching for information we use various types of databases with different document collections. Searching in databases differs from using free search engines, since we are searching for data elements within a determined structure of data.

Choosing the right keyword.

 Databases search for a determined sequence of characters and they are not able to interpret spoken language. Therefore it is essential to tell the database what we need in the right format. The keyword we use influences the effectiveness and the result of the search. Some general mistakes we can make:

  • Too many search words: if we are using too many search words we will not have any results. Databases search for all the words we write in the search box and the results contain all the given keywords.
  • Too few search words: if we use too few search words, we will get too many results.
  • Too general search words: If your terms are too broad or general, the search engine may not process them. Check the search engine to see if it has a list of such stopwords (a; of; for; etc.).
  • Not appropriate search term

Spelling mistakes: Most of the search engines have spelling corrections, but this function has its limits, as well.

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