the course will be organized during the spring on a single week where students will perform experiments with microbes in the lab F101. The first class will be a lab and fire safety education. Taking part on all lab classes is obligatory. Dates of the class will be announced later.

The grade for the course will be the mean of the grade for class activity/performance, for lab notes, and for a written test at the end of the course. For the test, 60% is needed to reach grade 2.

The topics: 

Introduction. Laboratory and fire safety. Methods and their application in sterilization. Sterile and safe workflow in microbiology. Growth media, liquid media, their types and preparation.

Inoculation of microorganisms. Introduction of different bacterial, yeast and filamenous fungal species, observing their colony morphologies

Microscope techniques, preparing slide mounts. Microscopic morphology of micobes.

Establishing isolated colonies from mixed cultures on agar media.

Evaluating the establishment of isolated colonies. Inoculating individual colonies onto new plates.Evaluating tests for oxidative or fermentative way of carbohydrate metabolism. Amylase production experiments.